Art & Writing

Voices and images from the archive are a powerful means of recovering historical experience. We present here a sequence of materials that bring Emily Cumming Harris’s story into focus while allowing for future discoveries that might alter the shape of our research. An online edition of letters can be expanded, a gallery of images extended, notes and commentary made more accurate. Please contact us if you can contribute to our developing knowledge of Emily Harris and her world.

  1. The Family Songbook
    Harris Letters and Memoirs 1840-53
  2. Lighted Windows
    The Death and Resurrection of Corbyn Harris 1860
  3. Writing Lines
    Emily Harris Letters and Diary Excerpts 1860-63
  4. After the War
    Edwin Harris Sketchbooks 1870s and 1880s
  5. A Wonderful Panorama
    Frances Harris Illustrated Journal of Ascent of Mt Egmont [Taranaki] 1879
  6. Drawing Lines
    Emily Harris Diaries 1885-86 and 1888-91
  7. Watercolours and Poems
    Emily Harris New Zealand Mountain Flora 1894-1910
  8. New Zealand Flowers, Berries and Ferns
    Emily Harris Lithographs 1890
  9. The Turnbull Library
    Emily Harris at the Alexander Turnbull Library 1924-2006