Cover Design 2

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Cover Design 2. New Zealand Mountain Flora by EC Harris.

Alexander Turnbull Library: New Zealand mountain flora / Emily C. Harris; [cover]. Shows title written on artist’s palette, and surrounded by three types of native alpine flower. Recto – top centre: (In pencil): (1894). Ref: E-001-q-001-1

Further Description (Fredrika Van Elburg): Alternative cover design for NZ Mountain Flora. The same rectangular double frame lines, the space within almost filled by a curved palette surrounded by slender stems of white flowers and green leaves, some coming through the thumb hole and some passing behind the inner frame. The title of the book in large letters filling the palette space, letters individually designed with varying serifs and tendrils, lines curved to follow the shape of the palette, the name Emily C. Harris in much smaller letters at the bottom edge.
Handwritten in pencil at the top of the page left H + W. [height and width?], at top centre in parentheses 1894, and to the right of that £35.

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