Cover design 1

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Cover design 1. New Zealand Mountain Flora by EC Harris. ‘Suggestion for cover, which might be blue and gold’

Alexander Turnbull Library: New Zealand mountain flora… suggestion for cover which might be blue and gold. Ink sketch of alpine ranunculus at bottom, beneath title, and mountains (including Mt Taranaki) at top with gentian sprig beneath them. Book title and author’s name in pencil. Recto – centre: [Title] by E. C. Harris. Ref: E-001-q-001

Further Description (Fredrika Van Elburg):Design for cover of NZ Mountain Flora. Pencil and ink, at top outline of volcano and foothills, below that small sketch of flower and buds, then title in double line block capitals with by E.C. Harris in copperplate script, all letters fitted between pencil lines. In the bottom third a drawing in darker lines, perhaps ink, of Mount Cook lily flowers and leaves. The whole surrounded by two sets of parallel lines forming a frame.
In ms at the bottom: ‘Suggestion for cover, which might be blue and gold’

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