Flowers from Mount Egmont

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1. Ranunculus pinguis.
2. Fostera tenella.
3. Celmisia longifolia
4. Wahlenbergia gracilis
5. Lobelia.

The mountain looked down from her realm of snow
On the stately forest that grew below
With ferns and blossoms sweet

She cried to the forest, “Oh, trees come higher
I would that your branches and leaves were nigher
A mantle across my feet.”

Then the forest trembled and whispered low
We fear the might of the wind and the snow
Would doom us to death or retreat.

With a timid step went the little flowers
But the mountain sent down her vapoury showers
And wrapped them round.

They broidered her robe as with silken sheen
They smiled up to Heaven the rocks between
And bloomed on their vantage ground.

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