Various Flora

1. Callixene parviflora – common in all mountain districts and damp forest ascending to 4000 feet.
2. Veronica from Mount Egmont, pale lilac.
3. Euphasia cuneata – a small annual with numerous flowers white-striped with purple – from Mount Egmont, and from East Cape southward. Common through the Middle Island.
4. Celmesia laricifolia. Gordon’s Nob and other Nelson mountains, alt. 4000 feet.
Mount Torlesse 4500 – 5000.

The mountain looks down on the river,
And the river flows on to the sea
In their grandeur and beauty for ever
As long as this planet shall be.

But the forest that grew by the river,
And the flowers on the mountain that bloomed
Will they gladden our hearts for ever
Or pass like a race that is doomed. [pencilled in question mark]

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