Helichrysum grandiceps

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Helichrysum grandiceps.

There are several varieties of New Zealand Edelweiss formerly included in the Gnaphaliums but now in the genus Helichrysum. Of these grandiceps and Leontopodium are nearest to the Swiss Edelweiss.

The specimen brought to me had spots like brown velvet sprinkled with specks of gold. The leaves and stem and petals of flowers all covered with white cotton wool as if equipped for Alpine regions.


Enwrapped in garments soft and warm,
As robes if eider down,
And velvet caps, all starred with gold,
Serve for a regal crown.

Straight to the skies their upward gaze
Unchecked, unblenched they turn,
As if to reach some loftier plane
These gentle flowers yearn.

2. Mount Patriarch.

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