Vernoica Macrantha

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Alexander Turnbull Library: Veronica macrantha. Geum uniflora. Small trees and flowers on mountain slopes. Shows these two species in flower growing in foreground around inset monotone landscape of plants in hill setting. Accompanied by typescript page of textual commentary. Numbered “15” in pencil on both illustration and text. Recto – bottom centre:: (In pencil): 15. Ref: E-001-q-016.

Further Description (Fredrika Van Elburg): RVE: Painting of white and pink flowers with small round leaves, the white flowers have four petals each and form a cluster, the pink flowers have five petals and grow each at the end of a single long stem. The lower right hand corner of the painting is covered by a black and white drawing of tall plants with rather faint mountains and / or clouds in the background. The page is marked 15 in pencil at the bottom, and in fainter pencil 26 beside that.

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