Gaya Lyallii

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Alexander Turnbull Library: Shows a sprig of gaya lyallii with flowers and leaves, with decorative border of whauwhau in two corners. Accompanied by typescript page of textual commentary. Numbered “16” in pencil on both illustration and text. Other Titles – Plagianthus lyallii, Hoheria lyallii. Other Titles – Mountain ribbonwood. Extended Title – In her “New Zealand mountain flora” [189-?].
Inscriptions: Recto – bottom centre – (In pencil): 16. Ref: E-001-q-017.

Further Description (Brianna Vincent): Painting of an interconnected mass of white rounded five-petalled flowers with rings of yellow tipped stems at their respective centres. Branches out to the top right and bottom left of the page from the centre right part of the page. Most of the flowers are in full bloom while others are smaller and vary from fully closed to partially open. Attached to the flowers behind them are large cordate green leaves with visible veins and two visible light brown pieces of branch at the bottom right of the page. There is a floral and leafy border in the bottom right of the page and the top left of the page: small green leaves and white daisy-like five petaled flowers with a few white closed flowers.

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